A Surreal Skyline at Sunset

I have lived in Brooklyn for three weeks now. For years, I’ve dreamed of calling this place my home. I have aspired to work in Manhattan. This is finally my reality and somehow the idea just hasn’t sunk in yet.

I’ve spent a few days and nights exploring the Greenpoint neighborhood solo walking up and down Manhattan, Greenpoint, Franklin, Bedford. This particular night, I wandered down India Street, two streets over from my apartment, down toward the East River Ferry pier. A giant fiery orange ball was setting upon the Manhattan skyline; a slight fog made those massive skyscrapers look like shadowy silhouettes. The sky was a pretty orange and red, and the sun created this glittering effect on the East River. I grabbed a seat on one of the benches and snapped a few photos with my phone. It was beautiful.

As I sat there in awe, a flurry of people exited the ferry and were walking toward me talking, carrying shopping bags, riding bikes. I stared out into the sunset at that skyline I get to call home now. I’m certain that my face expressed some sort of a goofy look.

It’s been three weeks, and I still can’t believe that I live here. I’m unsure of when it’ll finally sink in. This is my first blog post, and hope that you’ll follow me along on my journey.

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