A Clean Slate

As I sit here at my self-proclaimed “Ideas Table” in my adorable Greenpoint apartment — wolf mug filled with tea in hand — I am reminded that it is only noon on my third official day of unemployment (business days; weekends don’t count). Many of my family members and friends have heard the news: I lost my job…on my 26th birthday no less. The outpour of support has helped me realize that I made the right choice to stay in New York City.

When I moved here in June 2011, I started a blog — this blog. Judging by the one lonely previous post, I clearly did not do a good job at maintaining it. I regret, as I reflect on all of the fun, funny, heartbreaking, crazy adventures that happened in between then and now, that I could not find the time to post.

The demand of my job and its draining stress somehow managed to keep me from writing for pleasure. Well, I’ve been granted plenty of free time (whether I wanted it or not) so I decided to revive Brooklyn According to Jana and fully intend to update it regularly.

A small part of me wanted to delete the original post and start anew. I woke up last Wednesday morning with a completely fresh, clean slate. However, I want you to know how I felt back in June and that, despite how life has dramatically changed for me, I still feel grateful to live here and still visit the India Street pier to view the cityscape — and it’s still as breathtaking as the first time.

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