Tattoo Therapy

To celebrate my 26th birthday (and coincidentally becoming unemployed at the same time), I booked a tattoo appointment with the incredibly talented Todd Holloway (Instagram: @noble1), who was in town from Maryland and tattooing at Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. (Read the Yelp reviews for this place here!)

Considering my life’s recent events, this session couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, and I’m so grateful Todd fit me into his busy schedule. There’s something very therapeutic about getting tattooed. (Side note: My appointment was booked weeks ago, and I was not cancelling it even though I lost my job.)

It was a dreary, chilly Wednesday, and suddenly I had all of the time in the world on my hands. My appointment was at 5 p.m. and already I struggled attempting to fill in the gap between leaving 655 Madison Avenue for the last time and heading to the shop. After a brief nap, I hopped the G and anxiously, nervously rode it all the way down to Carroll Street. I was 15 minutes early.

Upon entering, I just knew Smith Street was my kind of shop. After being warmly welcomed, I excitedly engaged in all it had to offer. It was clean, cool and packed with a lot of personality. Steve Boltz even so generously insisted I choose something to eat from the Zaytoons menu — and he wouldn’t let me pay for it. I truly appreciated the kind hospitality.

The overall experience was unforgettable. Between the sarcastic, humorous banter among the guys and the chill vibes, the tunes playing in the background and the quickness of my appointment, I felt at ease and perfectly comfortable despite the tattoo gun on my left bicep.

After several goodbyes, I walked out of the shop with a gorgeous gypsy girl head that looks more beautiful than I could have imagined. I will certainly recommend Smith Street to friends and hope to return soon for more.

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