Just Breathe

Nearly three years ago, my dear friend Amanda King (of the darling Apotheca Salon) introduced me to yoga. She insisted I join her for a class at Elevation Yoga Studio where I was warmly welcomed by the lovely Ruthie Huron. I was nervous and unsure that I would be good at it. Being “good” at it just didn’t even matter. It was single-handedly one of the best decisions I ever made.

I attended class regularly and became committed to my practice. I learned poses. I connected with my breath. I noticed my body becoming stronger and more toned. I felt healthy — both mentally and physically.

When I accepted a new job, time for myself and for my practice became limited. Instead of dedicating time to my practice, I would leave the office late only to return home to work on the couch for the remainder of the night. My body began to notice — and so did my mind.

I began to feel ashamed that I chose my job over my health. Not anymore. We are granted one body, and it is up to us to maintain it, care for it, improve it, love it.

That said, one rather sad evening I was forced to say farewell to Ruthie and Elevation (at least temporarily) as I embarked on a new journey to the city. I was blessed with the opportunity to practice with Ruthie and follow her teachings, but I became afraid I’d never find another instructor who possessed her same caring, patient, warm characteristics. Truth be told, I still haven’t.

Last June, I took my first Brooklyn yoga class at a small, quaint studio called Usha Veda Yoga in Greenpoint. The convenient location was appealing, and the Yelp reviews were promising. I loved the studio as it reminded me of Elevation, but I didn’t love the instructor or the class.

Then work consumed my existence…again. I tried to practice in my apartment, but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t return to Usha Veda until April 1, and it was an intense, revitalizing candlelit flow class on a rainy Sunday night that admittedly kicked my butt. I couldn’t lift my arms! It was the kind of soreness after an amazing workout that I absolutely needed to get myself back into gear.

On Monday, I returned to attend an afternoon community flow class where I purchased a 10-class pass. I am committed! And I am excited to begin my yoga journey again.

*Image courtesy Yelp

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