I am a New Yorker* Who Cares

I am an official New York Cares volunteer! So what does that mean? After enrolling online and attending a short orientation at its Chelsea office, I can now register to volunteer for a variety of projects in any one of the five boroughs.

I recently learned of New York Cares, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, from a friend who also volunteers with the organization. I stuck this in my back pocket as I wasn’t quite ready to commit with my work schedule.

Commitment isn’t such an issue with this organization, which is the beauty of the program. While I can opt for a continual project, I can also choose to attend a project once without the expectation that I will return the next week. I like that.

New York Cares offers volunteer work ranging from children’s reading to parks beautification and adult learning to animal care — and almost everything in between.

Giving back to the community is an amazing feeling, but it can be difficult with life’s other responsibilities. This is the perfect time for me to give back. I look forward to gaining a newfound independence. Perhaps I will meet some new friends along the way. I hope that once I do find another job I will continue to volunteer. I’m certain New York Cares will make it easy for me to do so.

*Technically, I’m a New York City transplant, but that didn’t sound as compelling in the headline.

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