A New Way to Get Around

I recently picked up a skateboard for the first time. This may come as a surprise to some as I’ve been exposed to the skateboarding industry and scene for a few years now. Having befriended Andy (owner of Homebase Skateshop), dated a skateboarder and met/hung out with all of his friends and attended lots of skateboarding events, one might have expected I at least tried to skateboard at some point. Not so.

Admittedly, I’ve always been kind of nervous to try. I’m a snowboarder, but it’s totally different. Falling on asphalt is not the same as falling on snow. I knew I would look like a goofball and that deterred me from trying. Finally, I put all my inhibitions aside and stepped on a board at a small park in Chinatown. The park was sort of situated next to the projects, but it was practically empty so I felt comfortable pushing around — and falling.

Ever since, I really wanted my first complete. The other day, I visited KCDC, my neighborhood skateshop. I wholeheartedly support Homebase, but now that I no longer live in the Valley, I made a conscious choice to support a new local skateshop. A super friendly and informative skateboarder/KCDC employee/team rider (insert the boy’s name here; I should have asked) put together a neat neon pink Krooked Zip Zinger cruiser for me. I had originally intended to pick up a 5Boro deck (maybe next time!), but I was sort of swayed in the other direction once I saw the awesomeness of the bright pink.

I’ve been practicing in the nearly empty dead end side streets of my Greenpoint neighborhood. I’m not that good and I actually don’t really care. I know I’ll get the hang of it. I’m starting to feel more comfortable riding around and I certainly have a new appreciation for the things skateboarders can do. In time, I’ll be cruising around my neighborhood, to Williamsburg and hopefully from the 23rd stop to the office. I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of my new way to get around the city.

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