Peter Pan: Not Just Another Disney Character

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful gem on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. It’s called Peter Pan Donuts and it’s irresistible. Unless you’re vegan, just try to resist the aroma, the allure of freshly made donuts in a variety of delectable flavors.

My first encounter with Peter Pan was actually with my parents during their first visit to Brooklyn. I chose a difficult-to-eat, messy, heavily frosted but totally heavenly donut with chocolate crumbles on top. My dad said his choice (I can’t remember the flavor; dad, I know you’re reading this) was the best donut he’d ever eaten.

Perhaps its local fame has something to do with it. Or maybe because they’re made with complete and utter love by, who I would guess, a few old Polish biddies. Regardless of who makes them, Peter Pan donuts are scrumptious.

It gets better. Behold the ice cream donut sandwich. Yes, you read that correctly. Your choice of ice cream sandwiched between a donut that’s carefully sliced in half. Absolutely worth the calorie overload.

OK, now I’m hungry for dessert…

2 thoughts on “Peter Pan: Not Just Another Disney Character

  1. Truly the best donut you will ever eat. Krispy Creme, no chance. DD, keep dreaming. Could be our first stop the next time we’re in Greenpoint. Find a Mom and Pop place that serves Halupkis and I may not return to PA.


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