Notes Following a Burglary

I’m writing this blog post from my white 2008 MacBook. The white 2008 MacBook that contains a large majority of my life and career. The white 2008 Macbook that I left on my hardwood floor at the edge of my bed this morning as usual. The white 2008 MacBook that the burglar(s) left untouched when he, she, they broke into my apartment this afternoon.

My adorable Greenpoint apartment was broken into this afternoon. When I left for work this morning, it was just like any other ordinary Wednesday. When I returned, a neighbor was standing in the doorway and presented me with the unfortunate news: the apartment building was burgled. My heart sank. I looked at him with panic. The cops had already been called.

As I ran upstairs, a series of no no nos streamed through my head. When I slid the key into the keyhole and the deadbolt was unlocked, I knew. I knew what fate had in store.

One of our kitchen chairs was misplaced in front of the doorway. My bedroom light was on. Closet doors were open. The window, with access to the fire escape, was wide open, the cool autumn breeze flowing through. Dumbfounded, I ran through our tiny apartment to process what had happened.

My roommate and I were very fortunate. Nothing was stolen. We suspect this person may have heard someone or something and bolted, leaving items behind. Oddly enough, this person moved things around and “hid” things that (s)he perhaps planned to take.

From what we know, the burglar swept almost the entire building. Others were not so fortunate. We filed a complaint. The NYPD officers were more than friendly, helpful, accommodating. I, for the first time ever, produced a DNA sample because I had absentmindedly touched the deadbolt. We’re waiting for the detective.

As I finish this blog post, I release a deep sigh of sadness. I feel violated. My personal belongings were rummaged through like someone at a flea market sale. I never felt unsafe here in this apartment or walking through this neighborhood. While my opinion hasn’t necessarily changed, I will certainly remain more alert.

4 thoughts on “Notes Following a Burglary

  1. Boy you were very lucky ! I know my mother-in-law felt violated when her house was robbed , she was not as lucky as you were , she lost a whole lot . She lives 3 blocks up the street from our house !


  2. My sister’s home was robbed a few years ago. The career criminals took everything with an electrical plug on it….and even the extension cords! Her biggest loss and the thing that caused her the most grief and aggrevation was the theft of her blank bank checks. She faced almost a year of threats from merchants who accepted those forged checks. I felt her pain and frustration. Keep this in perspective, take some additional steps to safeguard your home and go on living your lovely life.


  3. I was talking to a police man today we talked about break-ins robberies etc , he said if they didn’t take anything be careful of your checking account /credit cards , they don’t take anything but they try and get bank statements credit card statements and they use that to steal from your accounts .


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