What is a Copywriter?

I’m often asked, “What’s a copywriter?” after I reply “I’m a copywriter” to that daunting question “What do you do?” A surprising number of people also ask, “So you’re like Don Draper?” to which I respond, “Uh, I guess so? That’s a Mad Men reference, right? I don’t watch Mad Men.” [Insert dumbfounded faces here.]

I decided to put a little informative post together for those curious as to what I actually do at an interactive ad agency.

Let’s start there. Interactive. iMedia. One of those new age terms. I write copy (you know, words) for the Internet across multiple platforms. That means I write copy for banner ads, email blasts, websites and social media. Sometimes I attend photo and video shoots. I work with the “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” client. Sound familiar? Yep,  you guessed it: COVERGIRL.

Basically, I create compelling copy and concepts that help drive product sales, tell a message to specific consumers and encourage interaction among consumers and the brand. I write headlines, sub-heads, body copy and call to actions (CTAs) on the regular. I use copy decks. I work side-by-side with art directors to make words come to life with engaging visuals and eye-catching animation.

This is all really quite different from editorial, which has always been the backbone of my career. Although different, basic grammatical and punctuational skills still come into play here. I still get to write and I get to write daily — my love, my life. Each day is different from the next. Deadlines are aggressive. There are internal reviews and client reviews. Sometimes I get to paint my nails and have impromptu photo shoots of my hand. Above all, I get to reach consumers with cleverly crafted messages for a huge international brand.

Curious about some of my projects? Check out these links!

I write captions for COVERGIRL’s Pinterest account.

I write copy for COVERGIRL’s website. Check out the Clump Crusher and Outlast Nails cinemas. That was me. I also did this.

I named and wrote these great holiday looks.

I’ve been busily working away on several other campaigns, but some of these goodies don’t launch until January. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “What is a Copywriter?

  1. Great description! My family is ever confused by my career as a copywriter; asking me to help get old poems published! They are actually the ones who found your post and suggested I take a look. I love your work/field and am currently a copywriter at an ad agency in Chicago. If you ever need a writer out here, keep me in mind!


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