My NYC Bucket List

Several months ago, I started compiling my NYC bucket list. There are seemingly endless things to see and do here, so this is my practical way to organize some of the top must-dos while I live here. This Sunday I crossed one of those items off my list: Ride the 59th Street Tram to Roosevelt Island. Although somewhat touristy, the 59th Street Tram is an inexpensive way (two swipes of your Metro card to get to and fro) to experience a bird’s eye view of the city. My sister, Jess, and I spent a crisp, sunny Sunday afternoon strolling around Roosevelt Island while enjoying the last drips of daylight before the early winter sunset hid behind the vast skyline.

WIthout further ado, this is my ever-evolving NYC bucket list in no particular order:

  1. Walk/bike/skate across the Williamsburg Bridge
  2. Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  3. Go to a NYC music festival (like The Governors Ball, for instance)
  4. American Museum of Natural History
  5. New York Knicks and/or Brooklyn Nets game
  6. 59th Street Tram
  7. Visit the Guggenheim
  8. Top of the Rock
  9. New York Yankees game (I’ve already seen the Mets play the Phillies)
  10. The Warriors subway route (with my dad, of course)
  11. Purchase one luxury item with cash (thinking classic Chanel handbag, Manolos, you get the idea)
  12. Check out the New York Transit Museum 
  13. Karaoke in Korea Town
  14. Five Boro Bike Tour
  15. Bronx Zoo
  16. Go to the opera
  17. See another Broadway show
  18. Indulge at The Chocolate Room

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