On Finding a New York City Hairstylist

Hair. My hair. A sensitive topic as I’m very particular about my tresses. So particular, I have loyally visited Greg at American Hairlines in Bethlehem for about three years now. When friends ask me for a stylist recommendation, I immediately suggest Greg not only for his expertise and precision but for his welcoming, vibrant personality that always lights up the room.

When I moved to NYC, the idea of finding a new stylist seemed daunting. And it was. So much so that I decided to wait until I traveled home to schedule appointments with my trusted hair guru. However, as you can imagine, that’s not always so convenient.

About two months into my move, I asked around for salon suggestions. Arrojo. Bumble and bumble. ION. Hair Metal. I was at my wits end with my hair, and with no trips home in sight, I booked an appointment at Bumble and bumble for its close proximity to my former office.

I remember the visit vividly: My nerves were acting up. While mostly welcoming, the salon seemed so much more high-end than what I was used to. After checking in, I was whisked away to the back where someone took my belongings and handed me a robe. I briefly sat in the waiting area where there was a coffee bar. A tiny girl introduced herself and took me to her station where we discussed my cut. Another woman vigorously shampooed my hair, and I freaked out because I had no cash to tip her. Turned out the stylist and I shared a mutual friend so conversation came easy. In the end, I walked out with a nice, fresh cut (nothing to rave home about) and a somewhat deflated wallet.

After that experience, I vowed never to cheat on Greg again. Unsurprisingly, I found myself back in the same I-need-a-new-stylist-in-NYC-pronto dilemma once again. This time around, a few different salons were recommended. High Horse Salon. Marie Robinson. The Parlour Brooklyn. Lot 26. Soon Beauty Lab.

After checking out websites and Yelp reviews, I picked up the phone and called around. High Horse was super booked, and I was impatient. The girl who I spoke with at Marie Robinson sounded pretentious and unfriendly. I simply called to learn more about the salon and stylists. Instead, she insisted on taking down my information and a credit card number to hold an appointment that I wasn’t ready to make. I didn’t have my credit card on me, and with a haughty tone the receptionist asked if I wanted to call back when I was ready. I said no thanks.

Finally, I called The Parlour Brooklyn (conveniently located near my apartment in Greenpoint) and was greeted with a warm, smiling voice. In just a few minutes, my Saturday appointment with Allie was booked. Saturday arrived, but the night prior I had a horrible hair dream that left me feeling uneasy about trying a new stylist.

I’ve been known to shed many a tear over horrible haircuts. Despite the dream, I carried on with my scheduled appointment. I walked over, and the receptionist knew who I was immediately as I checked in. The Parlour exuded this laid-back, casual vibe. I loved the exposed brick and cozy furnishings that made me feel like I was hanging out in a mansion’s library. All of the girls were stylish without trying too hard. There were even beautiful silk patterned Mara Hoffman robes to wear. Allie listened to my needs and gave me a great cut — exactly what I wanted. Overall, a positive experience, and I can now say I’ve found a New York City hairstylist.

Before and After image
Before and After. Hair by Allie at The Parlour Brooklyn.

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