Love Today and Every Day

I shamelessly admit that today’s national holiday prompted this post. Valentine’s Day holds various meanings for different people. The hopeless romantics savor every last ounce of its love-induced thrill and the seemingly insecure singles hide behind its apparent dreadfulness. This year I happily fall somewhere in the middle.

All around the city, gentlemen clutch bouquets in varying shapes and sizes while impatiently waiting on subway platforms for their trains to arrive (which for some reason makes me think of The Honorary Title’s “Everything I Once Had“). Women secretly revel in parading around their red roses that were delivered to offices earlier today in front of passersby.

Since I don’t have a Valentine, I used today as an excuse to spread the love to as many people as possible. Last night, I surprised my sister with wine and chocolate. It was a treat for us both while we indulged in trashy reality TV. I picked up tulips for my roommate. I used cash to pay for my lunch so I could tip the always-friendly employees at Pret a Manger on 23rd (between Fifth and Sixth). And I made a donation to the Waves for Water Hurricane Sandy relief fund by sending a Love for Relief e-card to a friend.

The love was returned in a few unconventional ways: my company set up a free candy bar for its employees, I received lovely compliments on my Ark & Co. skirt from Apotheca, my mom sent me pics of Winston and the pups at home, my dad sent me a special Valentine’s Day text, I read this hilarious blog post and someone told me I have perfect teeth, which always makes me feel good (and blush, and smile).

Tonight I’m settled in with reheated pizza, a pint of mango frozen yogurt and Through a Glass Darkly. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just remember: Love today and every day. How did you spread your love?

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