What a Difference a Year Can Make

I recently celebrated my 27th birthday. For some unknown reason, it feels really weird to say that and to tell people I’m 27. It might have something to do with the minor freak out I wrote about a few weeks ago.

You may remember my 26th birthday last year: I lost my job, my wallet, and my boyfriend all within a 24-hour timespan. I spent the day alone contemplating life over a cup of Van Leeuwen’s chocolate ice cream. Boy, what a different a year can make!

This past year, I was granted a whole host of opportunities that I would not have experienced if I decided to keep my old job and move back to Pennsylvania. I look back and it’s very clear that I made the right decision to stay in New York City — even if it knocked me on my ass a few more times than I care to admit. They (whoever “they” are) always say things have a way of working out, right?

While I was in California, I took a solo soul-searching journey to Big Sur (I promise I’ll write about my trip soon). Honestly, I just wanted to end year 26 on a more positive note than when I welcomed it in, and tuning out and turning off in Big Sur seemed like just the place to do so. I’m truly looking forward to seeing what this year will bring and am thankful I spent my birthday surrounded by my lovely friends as I blew out the candles atop a delicious Momofuku Milk Bar mint cookies n cream cake. (Yep, I’m still eating leftovers. Yum!)

*photo by @veropie

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