Getting Back Into Shape

I recently joined the H20 Fitness Center at the Ogilvy & Mather building, which is where my company’s new office is located, because I need to start getting back into shape. When we first moved, there was chatter surrounding the building’s convenient amenities such as the barber shop, nurse, cubicle manicures and cafeteria. We also have a gym. A nice, clean, well-equipped gym. And it was $35 for the entire year to join. No monthly fee. Thirty-five freaking dollars.

I couldn’t not join, right? I filled out the paperwork, completed a fitness assessment (rated above average, woo hoo!) and was free to go about my fitness business. Of course, it took about a month to actually go to the gym, even though it’s on the concourse level.

I really don’t have any good excuses. The thing is, I guess I was feeling somewhat intimidated because the last time I stepped foot into a gym was about five years ago, and that was also around the time I discovered I have heart palpitations. (Listen, I’m totally fine! Don’t worry about me.) Strenuous workouts increased the palpitations, and finally I said farewell to the treadmill and hello to the yoga mat.

Yoga truly changed my life and my body. I grew stronger, utilized and defined muscles I didn’t know I had and balanced my mind. The number of positive things yoga brought to my life is remarkable. When I moved to NYC, my relationship with yoga was on the rocks because I simply couldn’t commit to my practice. Since I haven’t been able to find an instructor that even comes close to Ruthie, my beloved instructor in Bethlehem, I’ve managed to neglect yoga altogether.

That is, until now. The Fitness Center will soon offer yoga classes again, and they’re included in the $35 yearly fee. I’m (im)patiently waiting for the staff to release the fall class schedule. In the meantime, I’ll make a conscious effort to get in cardio workouts and do a bit of yoga in my apartment or at Usha Veda, a studio in my neighborhood.

The other night I came home and rounded out my first cardio workout (in a long time) with some yoga in my apartment. During my practice, I noticed my body wasn’t as strong as it was when I practiced yoga regularly. My pure laziness upset me.

People seem to think that because I’m skinny, I’m also fit. I’m going to go ahead and tell you that it’s simply not true. I’ve always had a fast metabolism. It’s difficult for me to gain weight even though many times I desperately want to because hearing “OMG you’re so skinny” gets kind of old. Getting fit and staying fit takes effort and dedication. It’s work and one must commit to the cause.

I believe that I’ve finally committed to the cause again. I have this body for as long as I exist on this planet so it’s in my best interest to keep it healthy and looking in tip-top shape, amirite?! I know it’s going to be difficult to stay motivated so I’d like to research fitness apps that might help. If you’re reading this and have a suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comments section (please and thank you).

In addition to the gym and yoga, I just found out my company is joining a soccer league and starting a team. I’m seriously considering joining, but am not totally sure if my heart can handle it. The last time I played soccer seriously was in high school. At any rate, here’s to a healthier, happier, fitter me! (And maybe you, too!)

4 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Shape

  1. Great job! Many people don’t understand unless they’ve practiced yoga before how frustrating it is to not be able to hold poses you used to hold with ease. But you have your head in the right place and you know what you need to do and it sounds like your motivation is right on as well. It feels so good to be in great shape! September is National Yoga Month – you could commit do a month of yoga – make it easy on yourself – maybe even just 10 minutes a day? Good Luck with your plans! We love to see people take care of themselves! Namaste!


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