Dear Headphones Guy on the G

Dear headphones guy on the G train: If I can hear your music while I’m listening to my music through headphones, there’s a problem. You might want to turn it down a few notches. Just a thought.

Remember that time I ranted in blog-post form? It kind of felt good to get it all out into the atmosphere. Well, here I am ranting again. Sort of.

My blog has been pretty quiet lately, and I began to reconsider the purpose of it. I originally created it so family and friends could live vicariously through me and experience my NYC moments, too. However, sometimes I just want to experience the moment and not necessarily sit down to publish it and push it out into the digital space.

I started a post to recount my adventurous trip to Montauk over Labor Day weekend. I never finished it because I wanted to keep the moments that I shared with my friends between us. Now it seems silly to post something that happened almost a month ago.

As I was riding the G and trying to block out the noise coming from headphones guy tonight, I decided that maybe this blog should be something else. A place where I can jot down thoughts even if they don’t pertain to living in Brooklyn. I’m not sure. I do know that I’ve been neglecting to write, and that’s not cool.

On another note: Tonight I witnessed a police officer mounted on horseback writing a parking ticket (or some sort of violation) on 50th and 10th Avenue near-ish my office. The scene was pretty hysterical, and I wish I would have captured it but I suck at being discreet and the goody-two-shoes in me didn’t want to get caught taking a picture.

By the way, I’m currently eating pretzel crisps dipped in Van Leeuwen‘s vanilla ice cream for dinner. Speaking of, I’ve been overindulging in Chinese food lately.

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