Juice Cleanse: Day One

I started my juice cleanse this morning. At 10:21 a.m. to be exact. On my crisp morning walk to the G train, I stopped by 3 Roots to pick up my first six juices. Not going to lie; I was pretty nervous. The super-friendly and knowledgeable owner ( I need to get her name tomorrow) talked me through some important information (like assuring me I could still do yoga and to discontinue my prescription during this time), picked out my six juices and encouraged me to tell her how it’s going when I stop in tomorrow.

If I actually make it to tomorrow! I started the morning off with Citrus Face, a really yummy blend of citrusy juices. Juice number two, Salty Science, sounds just like you think it might. Salty.  The owner recommended this one for lunch and said it would taste like a salad. She was right — a very garlicky salad. Good thing I have a toothbrush and toothpaste in my filing cabinet. Project Managers, don’t get too close!

Cleansing while at work has its pros and cons. I’m already on a schedule, so fitting in a juice every two hours isn’t a big deal. However, having to pee like a race horse in the middle of a 1-hour meeting is kind of a big deal. Plus, I’m not so focused on eating or feeling hungry since I’m busy doing work-related things.

I decided to save the fifth juice, Glowing Deep, as a treat before my yoga class and because I have to then drink one final green juice before bed. After much debate, I took it easy and skipped yoga because my body was screaming “wtf are you doing to me!?”

So far, the weirdest thing is trying to pretend I’m chewing while drinking. Supposedly this tricks the stomach into thinking it’s consuming something solid. I also had a REALLY tough time with the green juices. They literally made me gag. I almost vomited a mouthful of Spirul G on my MacBook Pro. Imagine having to explain that to the IT department.

Now, I have one more juice to drink: the second Spirul G. Honestly, I’m dreading it. I opened up the refrigerator when I got home and saw my cheese, and strawberries, and orange juice, and more cheese. Boy, do I really want to eat that cheese. Surprisingly, I don’t feel very hungry, and my stomach isn’t growling like a “hangry” animal. Overall, I just kind of feel weird and empty.

Tomorrow when I pick up my juices, I’m going to ask if there’s a way to make the green juices sweeter or more enjoyable. Check back tomorrow for another update! I have a feeling this is going to be a tough three days.

Bathroom Count (at the time of posting): 9 trips

Cravings: French fries, cheese

Hunger Meter: 4

2 thoughts on “Juice Cleanse: Day One

  1. I am just as curious as you are about this cleanse. I think a 3-dayer is a good start. It’s hard to trick the brain that your full when you’re not eating solids (I’m sure). Good luck! I’m behind you 100%!! Xoxo


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