Juice Cleanse: Day Two

I’ve practically made it through Day Two of my three-day juice cleanse. This morning I woke up feeling energized and, dare I say, pretty darn great following a nice relaxing bath and deep sleep.

I picked up my second round of six juices, and because I was having such trouble drinking the greens, I substituted a Young Thai Coconut Water for one of them instead. It tasted like corn, so I pretended I was chomping down on juicy, buttery, salty corn on the cob. I shared this revelation with a couple of my coworkers, who then decided that I’ve officially become loopy or “drunk without actually being drunk.” I’ve fallen off the deep end!

That’s basically how I feel right now. I’ve experienced waves of loopiness, sluggishness, excitement and focus. Another thing to note is that I haven’t had any issues drinking the green juices today. I’m either getting used to the taste, or my body is starting to accept this juice cleanse challenge and hates me a little bit less than yesterday.

I also learned that some juices may taste differently based on the fruits and vegetables in the batch. That would explain why each Spirul G tasted differently yesterday.  Speaking of yesterday, after I blogged, I had to force myself to drink the final juice. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t enjoyable.

At this point, I’m really hungry and am looking forward to consuming solid food again. I’ve made it through two days of juice and am confident that I will make it through day three. Just have to keep chugging errrr sipping!

Bathroom Count (at the time of posting): 12

Cravings: Dark chocolate, French fries

Hunger Meter: 7

Juice cleanse text
My dad thinks he’s a funny guy.
*Photo courtesy Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen via Flickr

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