Life After a Juice Cleanse

If you checked my recent Google search history, you’d most definitely find “how to steam vegetables,” “how to steam vegetables without a steamer basket” and “how to cut asparagus.” Life after a juice cleanse has made me aware of a couple of crucial things: I’ve apparently never steamed vegetables sans microwave in my 27 years of existence and I don’t know how to prepare asparagus, because, let’s be honest, when have I ever actually gone to the grocery store to buy fresh asparagus?

It’s been approximately 72 hours since I completed my three-day juice cleanse, and I’m feeling [insert adjective here]. I mean, I kind of feel exactly the same as I did before I started the cleanse except now I feel guilty for eating or drinking anything that’s not a vegetable, a green juice or a glass of water.

Aside from feeling well rested and, sorry TMI, a tad bloated currently, I haven’t noticed any other results. My skin still continues to feel softer and smoother, which is great, but I guess I expected to feel super energized and all of these other awesome things.

Results, or lack thereof, aside, this is what I’ve eaten since I completed the cleanse: yogurt, two amazing smoothies from 3 Roots (Minty Monkey, tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Blu-Grass with peanut better, tasted like a PB&J sandwich), one homemade smoothie (fresh strawberries, blueberries and bananas; orange juice; and mango Greek yogurt), steamed vegetables, cucumber and avocado sushi rolls with brown rice, a glass of pinot grigio, split pea soup, tomato bisque, a tiny piece of a cronut (NYC’s most sought-after dessert; OMG yum!), a cupcake and a half a glass of champagne.

I admit, I could have probably gone a little easier on the food intake, but everything in moderation, right? In my defense, we celebrated two coworkers’ birthdays today and I couldn’t not eat a pretty flower cupcake. I’m weak! But I totally feel guilty. To make up for it, I stopped by the store on my way home from work and bought fresh broccoli, kale, string beans, asparagus, Granny Smith apples, four Greek yogurts, carrots, a cucumber, peppers and lemons. I’ve never done that before.

Perhaps this cleanse has changed me after all, even if ever so slightly.

After I posted my Day Three recap, I experienced an excruciatingly painful headache (maybe a migraine?), which is very rare for me. Friday night I soaked in a hot bath, drank some peppermint tea to help settle my stomach and went straight to sleep. I woke up Saturday and felt simply exhausted so I stayed in bed until 1 p.m., which was about the time when I realized I was wasting a beautiful, warm fall day.

I guess I needed the sleep. Overall, I have to admit, the cleanse was quite an experience. Given this experience, I’d like to keep the juicing going, even if it means grabbing a bottle of the green stuff on my way to work a few days a week. I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Saturday night and was simply amazed at how cleansing can actually transform people and their lives. If you have a chance, I highly recommend watching it, especially if you’re considering doing a cleanse of your own. (You can watch it on Hulu for free.)

I certainly can’t speak for everyone, and, no, this cleanse didn’t change my life per se, but I’m really glad that I tried it. Now, how do I sauté kale?

2 thoughts on “Life After a Juice Cleanse

  1. I’m proud of you for sticking to the cleanse. If anything, it sounds like it has made you conscious of what you put in your body, which in turn, will help your skin. I try preaching to my clients about healthy eating & loving & what it will do for the LARGEST organ we have! It’s so important. Again, high five to you! A juice cleanse is hard, I am sure.


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