Welcoming in a New Year

I couldn’t be more excited about welcoming in a new year. Happy belated 2014 to all of my family, friends and readers! Wishing you happiness, success and joy all year long.

Although I currently have a cold or maybe the flu (hooray!), I’m glad that 2013 is behind me. I celebrated the new year in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with a romantic and delicious meal at Il Mulino and toast inside a cavernous wine cellar. Hours prior to getting dolled up, I watched the waves of the Atlantic Ocean roll in and glide back out on a brisk, sunny December 31, which seemed rather appropriate at that moment.

Our lives can change in the matter of a mere moment. Last year saw the celebrations of engagements, the bondings of marriage, the arrivals of several new babies and the untimely deaths of loved ones, among other things. Ultimately, these life-changing moments have enriched my life; however, I can’t say that 2013 was all rainbows and unicorns.

Bumps in the road make life interesting, right? Stay tuned to the blog for some exciting announcements. (One involves a murder mystery.) I would write more, but this medicine is making me feel groggy.

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