Goodbye, Greenpoint!

The time has come to say goodbye. After three lovely years here, I have decided to part ways. As you may have guessed, the decision didn’t come easy.

After much consideration, I have decided to give up Greenpoint living for my very own studio apartment in Bed-Stuy! What? Did you think I was leaving NYC? Ha! No way.

Three years ago, almost to the day, I moved into a lovely Greenpoint apartment with a cool, creative roommate. We both watched the neighborhood grow and change. We both grew and changed. The apartment grew and changed — mainly the number of house plants. I enjoyed an amazing three years in this apartment. In fact, I sat at this very table (the ideas table, as I call it) many a morning and night typing blog posts, watching Hulu, Skyping with friends from afar, while peering out into a lush, green oasis.

So why would I leave? There are a few reasons why I’ve chosen to move on: I’m at an age where I’d love my own space. I want a place that I can decorate myself. I really want to live in a dog-friendly building so I can bring Winston up or adopt a new furry friend. I need a change. I want to experience living in a different neighborhood.

After three agonizing months of apartment hunting, I finally signed a lease on a bright and sunny studio in Bed-Stuy. It’s a fourth-floor walkup so I’ll be getting lots of exercise. The kitchen is the smallest kitchen I’ve ever seen. BUT! There are two closets; one with amazing built-ins. The actual living space is very large. The apartment itself has charming pre-war details like an arched entryway into the living area, cool moldings, windows everywhere.

Unless you’ve personally apartment hunted in New York City, you truly do not understand how mentally and physically exhausting and overwhelming the entire process can be. I decided to bypass the whole broker thing and searched on my own via Craigslist, Rent Hop, Listings Project, Nooklyn, Streeteasy and others. Every. Single. Day. It was so addicting. Like a drug. You’re in this whacked-out mindset that if you keep looking you’ll find something better. The biggest issue that I ran into was viewing apartments that didn’t even look remotely like the photos in the ad. That, and dealing with shady brokers who just wanted to take my money and run.

After viewing upwards of at least 20 places (think every weekend, viewing two apartments back to back after a long day at work, viewing apartments before heading into work), I finally landed a gem. It was so lovely that I immediately put a deposit down. The studio, in a gorgeous 1900s Brownstone, was fully renovated, contained central heating and A/C, two closets with extra storage and more, was a rare find. It was the first apartment I had walked into where I experienced that fuzzy feeling of, “Yes. I can see myself living here. This is it!”

Well, as the story goes, the studio was too good to be true. The deal fell through, and I lost the apartment. I also almost lost my deposit. One whole week of highs and lows and elation and tears and frustration and anger.

I went back to the drawing board. Rather, I went back to all of my usual apartment-hunting websites. I was determined to find an apartment over Memorial Day weekend. And I did. It wasn’t easy, but my determination, patience, pestering (the broker, obviously) finally paid off. I must have viewed at least 30 apartments and reviewed hundreds and hundreds of listings.

I’m really looking forward to this next life adventure. Making adult decisions is exciting and scary. NYC continues to lift me up and throw me down, and apartment hunting was certainly no exception. Nevertheless, the reward is always worth it.

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