Greetings From Bed-Stuy

Hello and greetings from my new studio apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn! I’m officially moved in and have spent two whole weeks here. My things are mostly unpacked save for a couple of boxes filled with tchotchkes, artwork and photos, and I’m slowly but surely crafting my space into a little oasis away from the hustle and bustle that is New York City.

Since moving in, I’ve met several of my neighbors in the building and on the block, which is more than I can say for the three years living in Greenpoint. In fact, as I was moving my stuff in, a neighbor who lives on the top floor jumped in to offer a helping hand. Not only that, but when I entered the apartment for the first time, I was delighted to have found a handwritten “welcome home” card from the girl who had lived in this apartment prior. It was the nicest surprise. She even left behind cleaning supplies. I had met her once when viewing the apartment. These simple yet thoughtful gestures further confirmed that I made the right decision to move.

Observations, happenings and other notes worth mentioning:

  • My fourth-floor walkup apartment is situated in the back of the building so it’s usually very quiet — unless, of course, the World Cup is happening or my neighbors halfway down the block host parties that turn into loud dance/karaoke fests. At least they listen to good music.
  • Apparently my building was a drug dispensary in the 70s. As in, they cooked meth on the top floors and sold it out of the bottom floors. It was seized by the city and then later purchased for next to nothing.
  • I don’t have curtains in my living/bedroom so the sunrise wakes me up at about 5:15 a.m. every morning, without fail. It’s very serene, so I’m not even mad about it. I may capitalize on the early start with yoga sessions.
  • My kitchen is impossibly small so cooking is a bit challenging. Maneuvering takes quite a bit of skill. I already broke one lovely pottery bowl. Le sigh. 
  • Apparently, according to the good people of Bed-Stuy, at my old age of 28 I should be married by now. Within a 24-hour timespan, two neighbors both asked if I were married and were shocked to learn that alas I am not. It was pretty comical.
  • I really need a couch. Couches are expensive. Naturally, the CB2 couch that I love is about the same price as my rent. Double le sigh.
  • The Walgreens on Fulton Street doesn’t carry many hair products for my white girl hair or makeup for pale white girl skin tones. This is truly a first.
  • There is no shortage of fried chicken joints.
  • I bought a really cool retro cafe dining table but really don’t like it in my space. If you or anyone you know needs a cool table, let me know.
  • I used a power drill for the first time to hang a shelf in my bathroom. Special thanks to my dad who taught me how to use it over the phone. I couldn’t figure out how to hold drill bits in and thought the drill was missing a piece because it didn’t look like the picture. I planned to return it to Home Depot. So glad we had that phone call.

Check out my place!

I truly cannot put into words how elated I am to be living alone. I’m so fortunate to have been afforded this opportunity and look forward to exploring the neighborhood and designing my perfect space.

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