Getting Fit, Getting Strong with Nike Training Club

As of last night, I’ve successfully completed four weeks of Nike Training Club. For those of you who know me, that’s quite a feat considering how much I loathe working out unless it requires a yoga mat, mellow tunes, some candles and bare feet. After four intense but awesome weeks, I am hooked.

Over the summer, Jonelle, Kitty and Taneisha, a few ladies with whom I work, would attend classes and rave about them the next day at the office. I saw their pics, their free swag, their glowing, positive attitudes. It wasn’t long before Jonelle started pushing me to go. But I could never fit it into my schedule. Or was it that I didn’t really want to?

It’s been years since I actually worked out. I gave up running, when it was discovered that I had a heart palpitation, for another source of fitness: yoga. And that served me well. But then I moved to NYC and couldn’t find an instructor that I loved as much as my last and kind of pushed health and fitness to the side. I walked at least a mile every day. That’s good enough, right?

Eh. Not really. Deep down it bothered me that I wasn’t really doing anything for my body, my health. I get the “But you’re so skinny.” and the “You look great! You don’t need to work out.” pretty frequently. And while I’m truly flattered, has anyone ever stopped to think about how I feel?

Now I’m starting to feel incredible. I can feel my muscles getting toned, my abs forming that little four pack that I used to have thanks to my yoga days, my form improving, my stamina increasing.

And that’s all in four short weeks. I attended my first class among a couple of hundred people in a section of the High Line. Not only did we get to work out with an amazing backdrop that was the New York City skyline, but everyone was there for the same reason. Every ego was left at the door. And I think that’s the best part. Everyone cheers everyone else on. And when you think you’ve had enough and are just about to give up, there’s a trainer by your side pushing you to keep going.

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If it weren’t for my coworkers, I think I would have given up already. They inspire me during every class. I’ll be totally honest, I felt like a 90-year-old woman after my first class. On the second day, I could barely walk, every inch felt like a mile. And walking down the stairs? HA! I live in a fourth-floor walk-up, remember? That was tough. The muscle soreness was something unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

But now it’s a soreness that I’ve come to love because it means I’m doing something good for myself, for my body. And I’m surrounded by other likeminded people, which makes class insanely fun even during the hardest of circuits.

NTC classes are free and usually held at Niketown. It’s hard to believe, but all you need to do is beat the rush during registration on Sunday afternoons. (Although, maybe they’re not so free after all because I did spring for a new pair of Nike 5.0s following the first class. Great marketing tactic, Nike, great marketing tactic.) Nike+ NYC also offers track days, long runs, trundays and more throughout the week, but I haven’t tried any of the running classes yet. I don’t think I’m conditioned enough despite Jonelle’s assurance that I’d have no problem making it through.

I’m excited to see where this fitness journey takes me and even more excited to share it with some awesome friends. I look forward to reporting back in a few weeks. If you want to see more photos, follow along on Instagram with hashtag #NTC and #KEEPITMOVING.

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