I *Think* I’m an Adult Now

The holidays have come and gone. It seems like every year it’s even faster than the last. One moment I’m schlepping a baby Christmas tree down Hancock Street and within the blink of an eye I’m tossing it to curb, adding to a graveyard of dead pines.

As usual, I went back to PA for a few days. And it was nice. Actually, it was one of the more relaxing holidays I’ve had in awhile because I didn’t feel pressured to make a million plans and see every single person who I never get to see anymore. Was I being selfish? Yeah, a little. I wanted to spend more time with my family, and I did.

The advertising industry affords me a lot of time off around the holidays because most, if not all, agencies in the city shut down on Christmas Eve and then reopen following New Year’s Day. Because that day fell on a Friday, I was provided with an extra weekend of relaxation.

And you better believe that I relaxed hard. On my couch. That I just paid off. Because I’m officially an adult.

I’ve been living alone for almost seven months now. It doesn’t seem possible, but as I stated at the beginning of this post, time sure does fly. I’ve faced a good number of challenges. Learning to live alone has been quite an emotionally charged adventure of exhilaration, anxiety, frustration, understanding, restless nights and joy. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I don’t think I could go back to having a roommate unless financially necessary. Fingers crossed, the next person I live with will be my future husband. (Also fingers crossed that I might meet him this year.)

I’m having the most fun creating my own space. In fact, I love my apartment so much that there are times when I never want to leave it. Like the time I took a staycation in early November. And like right now. That brings me back to the CB2 couch. I just paid it off a few days ago and I really feel like I’m winning at life. I don’t own a lot of expensive things, and I don’t care to. But this couch, my first real adult purchase in a long, long time, is officially mine.

It’s more than a statement piece that pulls my adorable studio together. It’s a statement that proves I am a smart and responsible adult who is doing good things with her life that enable her to have nice things.

Who doesn’t like nice things? The day after Christmas has always been a shopping day for many of the ladies in my family. For the first time maybe ever, I didn’t run out to the mall to blow my cash and gift cards on post-holiday markdowns. In fact, one night I filled up a Gap cart online of things that I wanted but didn’t really need and let it sit overnight thinking I’d change my mind the following day. I refreshed the cart, reviewed the items and simply abandoned ship. (An eComm re-marketers dream, I tell ya.)

I decided to put the money toward plants. Plants! Who have I become? Sometimes I’m not even sure myself. On a dreary Sunday, I took a quick jaunt to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gift Shop and loaded up on succulents, air plants, soil, moss and terrarium stuff. I spent $70 on infusing smile-inducing life into my apartment. And I couldn’t be happier about it. That afternoon, I replanted plant babies, turned mason jars into air plant homes and made a terrarium.

I find myself making these kinds of decisions frequently now. I take more trips to and spend more money at Home Depot and Micheal’s than I do H&M and J. Crew.

I look forward to continuing that trend this year. On New Year’s Eve, I wrote a Farewell 2014 blog but never posted it because I felt like I didn’t really have much to show for 2014. It was an interesting year, but not worth recapping in my opinion. As always, my yearly goal is to blog more, and I always fall short. So here’s to being an adult and doing more cool stuff that proves it.

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