Never Never Land

Only recently have I begun to think I’m stuck in Never Never Land — like I moved to New York City to escape growing up. Except New York City seemingly forces one to mature quickly and somehow manages to silently, swiftly age each one of us tremendously and without realization until we really stare at ourselves […]

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A Letter to My Former Self

This December marks five years since I graduated from college — journalism degree in hand and a new outlook on the future. Graduation ceremonies were held amidst a white and wintry snowstorm that actually left me stranded in Western Pennsylvania for the night. I was due to start my brand new career as Editorial Assistant […]

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What is a Copywriter?

I’m often asked, “What’s a copywriter?” after I reply “I’m a copywriter” to that daunting question “What do you do?” A surprising number of people also ask, “So you’re like Don Draper?” to which I respond, “Uh, I guess so? That’s a Mad Men reference, right? I don’t watch Mad Men.” [Insert dumbfounded faces here.] […]

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Mental Health and Job Hunting

What do mental health and job hunting have in common? According to a new study and as pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, mental health actually improved three months after becoming unemployed. Why am I sharing this? Because I recently became unemployed and since day one have sought out the positives in the situation […]

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