Juice Cleanse: Day One

I started my juice cleanse this morning. At 10:21 a.m. to be exact. On my crisp morning walk to the G train, I stopped by 3 Roots to pick up my first six juices. Not going to lie; I was pretty nervous. The super-friendly and knowledgeable owner ( I need to get her name tomorrow) […]

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Juice Cleanse: The Prep

Tomorrow I will start my first-ever juice cleanse. I can image some of you rolling your eyes and muttering hipster under your breath already. Before finally committing, I read articles and talked to my uber-healthy roommate, who juices and does cleanses, for advice, thoughts, words of wisdom and recommendations. Curiosity got the best of me, so […]

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Getting Back Into Shape

I recently joined the H20 Fitness Center at the Ogilvy & Mather building, which is where my company’s new office is located, because I need to start getting back into shape. When we first moved, there was chatter surrounding the building’s convenient amenities such as the barber shop, nurse, cubicle manicures and cafeteria. We also […]

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Sick and Uninsured

There’s something to be said about moving to New York City and building up a tolerable immune system. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months, and in my case (most cases, I imagine), at least a good year. One cannot escape the icky germs and various illnesses thriving on surfaces and among the passersby […]

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