What is a Copywriter?

I’m often asked, “What’s a copywriter?” after I reply “I’m a copywriter” to that daunting question “What do you do?” A surprising number of people also ask, “So you’re like Don Draper?” to which I respond, “Uh, I guess so? That’s a Mad Men reference, right? I don’t watch Mad Men.” [Insert dumbfounded faces here.] […]

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I’m (Sort of) Employed

You may remember my last post about the semi-disastrous job interview from last week. Look, I know I was overreacting. Thank you for allowing me to have my moment. Turns out, it didn’t go so terribly after all. I woke up last Thursday morning to an email from the owner. He simply asked if I […]

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Mental Health and Job Hunting

What do mental health and job hunting have in common? According to a new study and as pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, mental health actually improved three months after becoming unemployed. Why am I sharing this? Because I recently became unemployed and since day one have sought out the positives in the situation […]

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